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2 & 3 JUN
119 mins.

Director: Alan G. Parker.

On 1 June 1967 The Beatles released one of the most influential records of all time, Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. This starstudded rockumentary offers a fascinating insight into the sixties and the creation of one of the most important albums in pop history. Contains drug references, infrequent strong language and moderate sex references.
2 - 4  JUN
73 mins.

Director: Mark Baker.
Voices: Harley Bird, Morwenna Banks, David Mitchell, Jo Brand.

Television’s most popular piglet goes on a series of adventures. Created with fidgety little ’uns in mind, this isn’t a full-length feature, but nine brand new TV-length episodes linked by bouncy sing-a-longs.
2 & 6  JUN
133 mins.

Director: Terry George.
tarring: Oscar Isaac, Christian Bale, Charlotte Le Bon.

During the dying days of the Ottoman Empire, a love triangle develops between an Armenian medical student, a French-educated Armenian and a fiery American journalist. As war breaks out between Turkey and Armenia, the trio put conflicting passions aside in order to escape. Contains moderate violence and occasional bloody images
3 & 4  JUN
128 mins.

Director: James Gunn.
Starring: Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista, Vin Diesel, Bradley Cooper.

The coolest ragtag bunch of a-holes in space are back with the fate of the cosmos resting on their shoulders once more. Because anyone can save the galaxy once. As they journey across the far reaches of the universe, the Guardians attempt to solve the mystery of Peter Quill’s (Pratt) parentage. On their travels, they cross paths with old foes, new faces and an enigmatic villain in Ayesha (Elizabeth Debicki), but their biggest battle might just be to keep their newfound family together. Zoe Saldana, Dave Bautista and Bradley Cooper reprise their roles as Gamora, Drax and Rocket respectively, while Vin Diesel returns to voice a very naïve and goofy baby Groot. Expect another humdinger of a soundtrack.
4, 7 & 8 JUN
108 mins.

Director: Jim Sheridan.
Starring: Rooney Mara, Vanessa Redgrave.

The sole remaining inhabitant of a decrepit psychiatric hospital relives the tragic circumstances that sent her there. Vanessa Redgrave stars. Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex and violence.
145 mins.

Director: Park Chan-wook.
Starring: Kim Tae-ri, Kim Min-hee, Ha Jung-woo.

Korean/Japanese with English subtitles. In 1930s Korea, during Japanese occupation, a smug con artist enlists the help of a young pickpocket in his plan to seduce Japanese heiress Lady Hideko and dupe her out of her inheritance. Hideko, however, is destined to marry her pervy uncle Kouzuki, who has sinister financial ambitions of his own. To make matters even more Byzantine, the pickpocket and Hideko discover some unexpected feelings for one another. 
5 & 6 JUN
103 mins.

Director: Christopher Menaul.
Starring: Jenny Seagrove, Julian Kostov, John Hannah, Ronan Keating.

Another Mother’s Son tells the true story of unsung WWII heroine Louisa Gould (Seagrove), a shopkeeper on the Nazi-occupied island of Jersey who takes in an escaped Russian POW (Kostov) and then claims him as her own son. As the solidarity of the island community wavers under pressures of hunger, oppression and divided loyalty, Louisa fights to preserve her family’s sense of humanity. Contains moderate violence and gruesome images
5 & 7 JUN
89 mins.

Director: Kelly Asbury.
Starring: Demi Lovato, Jack McBrayer, Joe Mananiello, Danny Pudi.

In the latest computer-animated children’s adventure featuring the loveable little blue humanoids, Smurfette (Lovato) comes across a mysterious map that suggests the whereabouts of a magical lost village. Intrigued, she sets out across the Forbidden Forest with her best friends Clumsy, Hefty and Brainy. After many madcap adventures they discover the biggest secret in Smurf history.
6 & 8 JUN
97 mins.

Director: Tom McGrath.
Voices: Miles Christopher Bakshi, Alec Baldwin, Lisa Kudrow.

For seven idyllic years, Tim (Bakshi) has enjoyed the perfect life with his adoring parents (Kimmel and Kudrow). Then his new baby brother arrives. And he’s a very unusual baby indeed: he wears a suit, carries a briefcase and talks with the voice of Alec Baldwin. Tim is the only one not amused, but the two warring siblings reluctantly team up to foil a dastardly plot involving puppies. Expect poop jokes.
8 & 28  JUN
104 mins.

Director: Roger Goldby.
Starring: Joan Collins, Pauline Collins.

Joan Collins and Pauline Collins are sublimely entertaining in this fast-paced, bittersweet comedy. Contains infrequent strong language and drug misuse.
129 mins.

Director: Bill Condon.
Starring: Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Stanley Tucci, Ian McKellen.

Get ready to be wowed all over again. A stellar cast including Emma Watson, Luke Evans, Stanley Tucci and Ian McKellen breathe new life into the beloved fairy tale with Disney’s live-action retelling of its own animated classic. 
10, 11 & 14 JUN
89 mins.

Director: Sean Foley.
Starring: Julian Barratt, Essie Davis, Simon Farnaby.

Once famous for playing a popular British TV detective with a bionic eye that could ‘see the truth’, a washed-up actor is given a chance to revive his career when a real-life criminal calls out the fictional character as his nemesis. A contender for funniest film of 2017.
10 - 15  JUN
122 mins.

Director: Ridley Scott.
Starring: Michael Fassbender, Billy Crudup, Katherine Waterston.

Ridley Scott delivers the goriest chapter in the Alien franchise to date, recapturing the unsettling rawness and claustrophobic horror of his 1976 masterpiece.
114 mins.

Director: François Ozon.
Starring: Pierre Niney, Paula Beer, Ernst Stotzner.

German/French with English subtitles. Anna (Beer) is the German fiancée of Frantz, who was killed by French troops in the Great War. While tending his grave, she is joined unexpectedly by the mysterious Frenchman Adrien (Niney), who claims to have known her fiancée in Paris before the war. As the two grow closer, Anna is drawn into a shady realm of secrets, lies and moral uncertainty. Contains infrequent moderate violence.
​AWAY (15)
14 & 15 JUN
105 mins.

Director: David Blair.
Starring: Juno Temple, Timothy Spall, Matt Ryan.

 We are very happy to be showing Away by local film producer Mike Knowleson: in the seaside town of Blackpool, two lost souls seeking solace and hope gradually find it in each other. A compelling, often heart-wrenching drama from BAFTA-winning director David Blair. 
16 - 22  JUN
129 mins.

Directors: Joachim Rønning, Espen Sandberg.
Starring: Johnny Depp, Geoffrey Rush, Javier Bardem.

When an old nemesis escapes from the Devil’s Triangle hell-bent on eliminating every pirate from the seas, a down-on-his-luck Captain Jack Sparrow forges an alliance with faces old and new on his quest to find the Trident of Poseidon, his only hope of survival. Contains moderate fantasy action violence.
18, 19 & 21 JUN
89 mins.

Director: William Oldroyd.
Starring: Florence Pugh, Cosmo Jarvis, Paul Hilton.

Trapped in a loveless marriage, a young woman begins a passionate affair with a new servant on her husband’s rural estate, but increasingly brazen self-interest and physical desire set the pair on course for disaster.
18, 20 & 21 JUN
117 mins.

Director: Lone Scherfig.
Starring: Gemma Arterton, Sam Claflin, Bill Nighy, Richard E. Grant.

A roll call of much-loved British talent assembles for Lone Scherfig’s politely delightful romantic comedy, which follows a group of filmmakers struggling to make a morale-boosting picture during the Blitz. Hired by the British Ministry of Information to bring a female perspective to wartime propaganda films, writer Catrin Cole (Arterton) teams up with cynical producer Tom Buckley (Claflin) for the MOI’s most ambitious project yet: the inspirational tale of two civilians’ heroics at Dunkirk. However, the story isn’t quite what it’s made out to be, and the team have to accommodate a self-obsessed, fading thespian (Nighy). Nevertheless, they press on, determined to make a film that will lift the nation’s spirits. Scherfig creates an impressive period piece around Catrin’s story, weaving an enchanting, nostalgic, yet never rose-tinted view of a nation under siege. Contains infrequent strong language, moderate sex, injury detail.
23 - 29 JUN
98 mins.

Director: Jonathan Teplitzky.
Starring: Brian Cox, Miranda Richardson, John Slattery.

On the brink of the D-Day invasions, a conflicted Winston Churchill fears that history will remember him as an architect of slaughter. Churchill is the untold story of the haunted frailty of Britain’s most celebrated leader, revealing his vital relationship with his wife ‘Clemmie’, the confidant who inspired him to greatness.
23, 24, 27 & 29 JUN
90 mins.

Director: Jonathan Levine.
Starring: Amy Schumer, Goldie Hawn, Joan Cusack.

A jilted impetuous dreamer persuades her ultra-cautious mother to join her on an exotic vacation. The jokes come fast and furious as mum and daughter work through their differences to negotiate their outrageous jungle adventure.
24 & 25 JUN
91 mins.

Director: David Bowers.
Starring: Jason Drucker, Alicia Silverstone, Tome Everett Scott.

Wimpy kid Greg Heffler convinces his parents to take a road trip apparently to their grandmother’s birthday. Really he is intent on attending a video game convention where, he feels sure, international stardom beckons.
96 mins.

Director: Woody Allen.
Starring: Diane Keaton, Woody Allen, Michael Murphy, Mariel Hemingway, Meryl Streep.

Woody Allen’s rapturous and poignant romantic comedy about the fretful life of a writer of TV comedy (Allen), worrying over his current, ex and future relationships, his hypochondria and his contemplated switch to serious literature. This declaration of love for cerebral life and fashion in the city is one that Allen has made his own. Set to George Gershwin and filmed in silvery widescreen monochrome by Gordon Willis. Contains strong language and moderate sex references.
81 mins.

Director: Michaël Dudok de Wit.

Oscar-winning animator Michaël Dudok de Wit uses his graphic talent to tell a magical, moving story, without dialogue, of a man shipwrecked on a deserted island. The castaway eventually fashions a raft on which to escape, only to be thwarted by a giant turtle that clearly wants him to stay. But when the creature reveals its extraordinary secret, the man’s life is changed forever.
30 JUN - 6 JUL 
TBC mins.

Director: Alex Kurtzman.
Starring: Tom Cruise, Sofia Boutella, Annabelle Wallis.

An ancient princess is awakened from her tomb, unleashing untold terrors in spectacular fashion on modern-day civilisation.
30 JUN - 6 JUL
106 mins.

Director: Roger Michell.
Starring: Rachel Weisz, Sam Claflin, Iain Glen.

After the mysterious death of his cousin and guardian Ambrose, Philip confronts Ambrose's beautiful, enigmatic widow, a distant relation, believing that she may have been responsible. But he soon finds himself under her spell.