Disabled Access

Wheelchair Accessibility

To enter the foyer, there is a lift into the building that brings you to the box office, bar and disabled toilet. The lift is accessible at all times, with a doorbell on the front if help is needed to operate it. Once you’ve collected your tickets and snacks, a member of staff will take you round to the disabled area. This is accessed by going back down the lift, and round the side of the building. In the front section, there is space for up to 6 people in luxury styled seats and space for a wheelchair user also, or a sofa if you’d wish to transfer to a seat on the day. During the film, if any assistance is needed you can call a member of staff by using the doorbell in the front; this will ring to staff upstairs so that we’re alerted. If possible when booking in to use the disabled area, please let us know how many people will be sat downstairs and if you would like either a seat or a space, this is just to ensure that this is ready for you before your arrival. We recommend arriving a little earlier than usual so that someone is able to take you round to the disabled entrance, without the rush, and so we can make sure you’re completely comfortable for the duration of the film. If there is any further questions you have about our wheelchair access, please give us a call or pop in so we can talk you through/show you round. Comfort for everyone is key!

CEA Card

The CEA Card is national card scheme developed in UK cinemas by the UK Cinema Association. The CEA Card enables a disabled cinema guest a complimentary ticket for someone who accompanies them, you just need to bring along the card to be granted free entry. The card costs £6.00 for the year, and you can apply either online or via the post. Collect an application from the cinema, or follow this link; https://www.ceacard.co.uk/ .