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April 2019
Films & Times

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Wednesday 17th April
Dumbo (PG) 1:45 PM
Dumbo (PG) 4:15 PM
RSC Live: As You Like It 7:00 PM

Thursday 18th April
Dumbo (PG) 1:15 PM
Dumbo (PG) 3:45 PM
Monty Python's Life of Brian (12A) 6:30 PM
Green Book (12A) 8:45 PM
Friday 19th April - Good Friday
Dumbo (PG) 1:00 PM
Dumbo (PG) 3:30 PM
Fisherman’s Friends (12A) 6:00 PM
What Men Want (15) 8:30 PM

Saturday 20th April
Dumbo (PG) 12:30 PM
Dumbo (PG) 3:00 PM
Green Book (12A) 5:30 PM
Fisherman’s Friends (12A) 8:15 PM

Sunday 21st April - Easter Sunday
Dumbo (PG) 12:00 PM
Dumbo (PG) 2:30 PM
Fisherman’s Friends (12A) 5:00 PM
The White Crow (12A) 7:30 PM

Monday 22nd April - Easter Monday
Dumbo (PG) 12:00 PM
Dumbo (PG) 2:30 PM
The White Crow (12A) 5:00 PM
Free Solo (12A) 7:45 PM

Tuesday 23rd April
Green Book (12A) 6:00 PM
The Aftermath (15) 8:45 PM

Wednesday 24th April
The White Crow (12A) 2:30 PM
The White Crow (12A) 6:00 PM
Fisherman’s Friends (12A) 8:45 PM

Thursday 25th April
Fisherman's Friends (12A) 2:30 PM
The Aftermath (15) 6:00 PM
What Men Want (15) 8:30 PM
Friday 26th April
Us (15) 6:00 PM
One Nation Under a Groove (18) 8:30 PM

Saturday 27th April
Missing Link (PG) 1:00 PM
Mary Queen of Scots (15) 3:30 PM
Being Frank (15) 6:15 PM
Us (15) 8:45 PM

Sunday 28th April
Missing Link (PG) 12:30 PM
NT Encore: All About Eve 3:00 PM
Gentlemen Prefer Blondes (U) 5:30 PM
Us (15) 7:45 PM

Monday 29th April
Mary Queen of Scots (15) 6:00 PM
At Eternity’s Gate (12A) 8:30 PM

Tuesday 30th April
ROH Live: Faust 6:45 PM

Wednesday 1st May
At Eternity’s Gate (12A) 2:30 PM
The Keeper (15) 6:00 PM
Can You Ever Forgive Me? (15) 8:30 PM

Thursday 2nd May
At Eternity’s Gate (12A) 6:00 PM
The Keeper (15) 8:30 PM




Wild Rose


Red Joan


Avengers: Endgame